What is in a name?

Well as a woman it means the same as it does for a man. A woman once was a new born bestowed with a family name amongst other things; It represents her own lineage, where she came from, maybe where her ancestors arrived from in India, what belief system she was brought up with.

She gets married and at least in North India has to adopt her husband,s name.

The most educated of women also choose to practise this. If they make the slightest mistake of displaying hesitation they are riddled with questions like is her love for her man less? Does she think her family name more superior to her husband s or plain and simple she is labelled as a woman with an unnecessary attitude and non compromosing mental stance.

Are we as women to be blamed then at a later point when we fight for women equality? Or is it that the system is such that we have to accept it will take eons before we can make a change?
Are we clear on what we want or what we believe in ?

I honestly in my 37 years of woman existence am a confused person.

We are working along with men in the corporate world, along with them for social causes but are we as the women community clear on what we want?

We want the same men to at times understand and verbalise this but on the other hand want them to protect us and be the man of the house.These are the same people with whom we arrive at a role arrangement right at the beginning of a marriage. The woman will be the care giver of the family and the man will be the breadearner. Do we actually believe that we could not have swapped roles ? If so then why are the working women double hatting and  why are we working and still believing that the buck on the home front stops at us?

We are ok standing in a separate queue outside the movie hall as it would be quicker or outside the bank when it was the demonetization crisis. However on the other hand we want equal rights.. is it just a social stance we take ? Or is it simply a modern stance ?

Exerted power is also power given out to the other person ? Is it not ?

Often in arguments it has been pointed out to wives that they do not understand their husbands family because they are not from that family so why did they have to attach the name to their own so.many years back?

Women tirelessly try daily to adapt to and adopt this new family but seem to fail in terms of family conflicts.  The man of the house should take the finall call. Why?

What happens during divorce proceedings; A woman is utterly distraught as she does not know whether she has to keep her newly acquired surname or can she revert to her own ?

These are the times that these women feel so relieved of their own name as no one can atleast take that away from her

She does not have to give it back to anyone. Her father (another man) gave it to her and if she chooses so she can die with it. Is that not such a relief ? Or is it?

Do we women really need a surname?

From my women fraternity I really would like some views.


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